• Publisher Problems

    It turns out that there are a lot of “vanity” publishers who will publish any book, for a price. Couple that fact with the abundance of cookbooks and it becomes a recipe for being taken advantage of. I believe I found the perfect publisher for us. Thanks to avoiding vanity publishers, the final price of […]

  • Brick & Mortar?

    The question is: “What’s the next step for Galaxy Rune after the cookbook?” Option 1: Come out with another cookbook. There are several recipes that aren’t making the cut for a variety of reasons. There might be enough material to create a follow up cookbook. Maybe a more intricate cookbook related to food science or […]

  • Book Printing Details

    Hello friends!To avoid SPAMMERS, I require you give me an email address to leave a comment. I actually don’t keep the email addresses or anything like that. It’s just to stop spammers. This website doesn’t use cookies. It’s also doesn’t have any search engine trackers on it. There are no SEO’s or any Google html […]

  • So many recipes!

    We’ve found recipes on scraps of paper, old recipes we forgot we possessed, recipes committed to memory, etc. We’re currently at a solid 200 recipes. The cookbook will have:·preparation & cook times listed.·difficulty on a 1-5 scale.·imperial & metric units.·a reference section for cooking terms and techniques.·no filler content with vegan diatribes, stories, or excessive […]

  • Cookbook Update

    ^^Click on the link above to read the entire post and/or to leave a reply.^^ WordPress updated and the website’s previous theme crashed. Should be good to go and we now get to see your comments! We’re constantly working on the cookbook. We’ve gone through several changes for how we’ve envisioned the final cookbook. We […]